Kate Stoltzfus

Now that she’s posed for Maxim, Kate Stoltzfus’s life is one step closer to being exactly like a music video from an ’80s hair band. (“Fallen Angel” by Poison, maybe?)
For those who have abstained, “Breaking Amish” debuted on TLC last September and followed four twenty-something Amish folk (plus one Mennonite to mix things up) as they explored a more complicated lifestyle in New York City. It’s basically Rumspringa for almost-grown-ups.
Fans of the show know the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, native very well by now after watching her bat her eyelashes through the Big Apple. Last season’s peak: The wallflower hit up the Museum of Sex and summoned her inner strength to pose in a bikini.
Kate has officially graduated to the big time, puckering plump red lips for Maxim in shorts that Miley Cyrus would like and a skimpy top that screams, “Don’t look at me.” The 22-year-old doesn’t just give good attitude; girlfriend also gives good quote.

Kate Stoltzfus is one of our favorites: “Before I had even signed a contract with a modeling agency, I did a test shoot to see if I could photograph well, and the first outfit they put me in was a bathing suit! I have to admit it was a little intimidating, but now I enjoy doing it.”

What an amazing trajectory, right? Kate Stoltzfus From intimidation to joy!

Also, Kate confirms what we have all long suspected: Fresh fruits and vegetables help keep you firm and fit. “There are definitely a lot of Amish women who have great bodies, because they work hard,” she says. “They also eat really healthy, since they grow their own food. That’s one big thing I miss about home, being able to garden and take care of plants.”
“One thing.” Hmm. It’s looking more and more like ripe radishes might be the one and only thing Kate misses about life on the farm.